Wasted all the time

Wasted all the time

Time, time, time
See what's become of me

Time, time, time
See what's become of me
While I looked around
For my possibilities

I was ...

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A wonderful short dealing with a shock in a person’s life that leaves him displaced in space by ninety-one centimetres. 
Highly allegorical and ...

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the universe is indifferent
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what matters is that we embark

Ed: You know that quote in the beginning where Kane says, it might be fun to run a newspaper?
Well I think that’s how Orson Wells approached this; it might be fun to make a movie. He didn’t know what he was doing, yet he did something that was perfect. Makes you think what’s possible.

Leonard: Hah. Maybe this is it.

Ed: What?

Leonard: White medicine: movies. ...

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Perpetual Time

Perpetual Time

'You are the sun. The sun doesn't move, this is what it does. You are the Earth. The Earth is here for a start, and ...

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That night, I saw that woman again.
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Nuovo Cinema Paradiso – Part 3

There is a haunted look in SALVATORE's eyes, he is searching his memory for
something he can't find, then suddenly sees, as if in a dream...his hand thirty
years before going through the routine gesture of hanging a receipt on the nail,
over the others, mechanically, without even looking...and he shuts his eyes as
if fearing the truth. Her last words have wounded him. He shakes his head, ...

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Nuovo Cinema Paradiso – Part 2


And I didn't have time to wait for
you to comeback...

From the bottom of the spiral staircase, ELENA'S FATHER is waiting nervously,
yells up at the projection booth.

Elena! Hurry up!!

All right, Daddy!...

In the projection booth, ALFREDO is sitting on a stool, near the
projector. Seen from the rear, the YOUNG ELENA ...

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